Prom-arama Drama

This one goes out to all the ladies who didn’t get asked to prom:

Oh prom. The dresses. The promposals. The reservations. The drama. The dance. The dates. The drama.

To all of my wonderful friends still in high school please hear me out. I want you to have the best prom night you could possibly have. It is a night where you should feel perfectly extravagant and beautiful. I mean really, how often do you get to wear a floor length dress? I want you to go out, and eat at a snazzy restaurant (I personally recommend your local aquarium!) and then go dance your booty off! Notice I said DANCE, not grind. Huge difference. For one thing you are too good for grinding.

Let me repeat that: You are way too good for grinding. You are infinitely more valuable than your $100 dress. Even your $1200 dress.

You are more valuable than the world tells you. I found in high school that the pressure to have a prom date was intense. That if you didn’t get asked to the dance by a guy, you probably had something wrong with you. Enter the Devils favorite tool in tearing apart girls: Self-Doubt.

“I must be unattractive. Too fat. Too Tall. Too short. My hair is too curly. Too flat. Something must be wrong with me because no guy will ask me.”

You name it the Devil will try to make you believe that you are not the treasure God sees you as. I pray that you might see this and start to know it in your heart, but I fear that this thought of not being good enough because a guy isn’t pursuing you is something girls will struggle with their entire life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I propose a game changer. I want you to memorize this verse:

“He calls me beautiful one”

Song of Solomon 2:10

A man already sees you as beautiful, longs for you, and loves you. His name is Jesus. He loved you so much that he died for you. Let that sink in and put prom drama in perspective.

When you feel those awful thoughts about yourself starting to creep in just say:

“He calls me beautiful one”

Memorize this and you will start to see life a little differently. You may find that you smile more because you aren’t looking for others to give you your self-worth.

For prom I want you to go, with a date, without a date, with your friends, your teammates, your choir buddies, just please go! All of your friends want you there, date or no date.

Live in the moment. Take it all in. Soak up the lights, music, and smiling faces. Don’t stress about the little things and leave the drama behind you. Take the pressure off of yourself to have a date knowing that you are beautiful and wonderful no matter what.

He calls YOU beautiful one.

Dream Big! Live Courageously! And Thrive!

xo Lo

prom walking (2)

Ps. I never once got asked to a dance in high school, and I turned out just fine 🙂  My senior prom I asked a friend to go with me and we had a blast! This is one of my favorite pictures from that night.


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