Summer 2015 Series: Breaking Society

How does one break something that it already broken? Can it be done? Sounds challenging, but I am up for it are you?

This is the first of my Summer 2015 series in which I am going to discuss how we, ok at least I, am going to break the rules of society.

I am going to break society.

It started out with one blog post I was writing about breaking society’s rules and suddenly it hit me: I have a lot more to say on this subject. There are so many ways that our society is broken. Broken families. Broken lives. Broken people. The big problem however, is society doesn’t see that it is broken and then it lies to the broken people telling them that living by the rules of society won’t hurt them. And for a while living by society’s rules might not hurt you, but when you take a closer look you find yourself completely broken. And so it is time to break the society that is breaking us.

Viva La Revolution!

Lets take a page from good ol’ Wreck it Ralph

  wreck it ralph

Basically, my goal is to fix society by breaking it.

fix it felix

(I am not sure if my Disney metaphor works, but lets just go with it shall we? 🙂 )

So here we go…!

There’s 104 days of Summer Vacation

Gone are the days of rallying all the neighbor kids for hide and go seek in the dark, gone are the days of riding your bike to the park to pay tag, and gone are the days of chasing after the ice cream man.

The days of full time summer jobs, online summer classes, and living at home for the summer being a weird thing, are here. So what are we to do?

We could simply decide that this is going to be a lame summer full of work and Netflix will be your only “friend”.

We could look tirelessly for a summer fling, declaring unhappiness unless we find a significant other to fill our time.

Or we could break society.

I’m kinda liking option number 3. So let’s go for it. This is a summer for breaking the rules of society. I’m tired of living by this world’s rules, aren’t you?

Rule #1 Family time is lame-Break this rule by actually putting effort forth in having fun with your family. Plan a family game night. Ask your little brother to go out to lunch with you. Play croquet in your backyard after dinner. Just make your family a priority, and look at this summer with them with a fresh point of view!

Rule#2 Friends from high school are lame-Breaking news: you are someone else’s lame friend from high school! So don’t mope around, be bold and ask your old friends to a movie, to check out a local eatery, *gasp*play kickball and relive your playground glory days. Just take the first step and reach out. (They are probably just as bored and lonely as you are)

Rule #3 If you try something new, you will fail- I am still working on this one… I just joined a young adult softball league and I have never played softball on a team before so this is… an experience of sorts. Society has engrained its lies in me that if I am to fail (strike out, not catch the ball) the whole team will be disappointed in me, then hate me, and I will go home a failure. That escalated too quickly, but that is basically what society likes to tell us. Stay in your little box of a comfort zone because if you step out and fail, well, you probably shouldn’t have tried. So in order to break this lie of a rule we have to be bold and try something new. Maybe take up Zumba at your gym, join a young adult’s league, go skydiving, just find something on your bucket list that slightly terrifies you and do it! (Recommendation: don’t do it alone! Find a friend who wants to do it with you!)

So these are just a few rules of our broken society that if you are brave enough to try breaking I think you will find yourself enjoying summer a lot more. Plus, when was the last time you broke a rule? Have fun breaking/fixing society! More to come

 Dream big! Live courageously! And Thrive!




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