God Help the Crop Tops

Hallelujah! The sun is finally shining, outdoor parties and summer time and all its glory is here. The summer heat allows for lighter dressing, but some beautiful women feel the need to bare it all. Begging the question:

Suns out, buns out?

Modest dressing is especially difficult during the summer when most clothing stores offer mainly itsy bitsy teeny weeny shorts, dresses, tops, and bikinis. Most of which is super cute, screaming out to us fashionably susceptible shoppers:

“Buy me! I’m trendy and sexy!”

And then I walk over to the one piece section and as a single 20 year old woman I hear, in the voice of the ugly stepsister from Shrek:

“I’ll try not to make you look 40”


(No offense to women in their 40’s, I simply want to look my age)

Now these days there are a lot more options for modest swimwear because of online shopping and  because that is how supply and demand work. We, the shoppers, tell the suppliers what we want more of and they the supply it, if we don’t buy something they won’t supply it. Currently society tells us that bikinis and crop tops are what we should demand, but this is a summer for breaking the rules in order to fix our broken society, so I am asking you please don’t purchase bikinis or booty shorts or crop tops.

God help the crop tops

Did you realize that our society actually steals women’s beauty for profit? Sure they make money from telling us that we won’t be beautiful unless we purchase their mascara or bronzer, but have you ever thought of the power YOU as a female consumer give to society when you buy skimpy clothing? I truly believe that our society underestimates the power of choosing modesty. Notice the key word there is choose, we cannot force anyone to be modest.

modest comic

 But it vital to at least educate women that by breaking the rules of our society and wearing modest clothing, in *über cute* fashionable ways, they maintain control over the power of their personal beauty.

Modesty gives women the power to demand attention to their character and their many talents, instead of letting their skimpy clothing dictating where the viewer’s mind goes. Now a lot of feminists would argue that men need to take control of their “lustful eyes” and that it is not up to women to dress in a way that is not tempting. But isn’t this unfair to the guys? Women were created as the Crown of Creation, the most beautiful thing on the planet or even in the universe! God created women to be the source of beauty, no man ever got addicted to looking at pictures of waterfalls if you know what I’m sayin’. When we choose to wear one pieces or tankinis or shorts and dresses that are longer we take back our beauty from the clutches of the immodesty and we regain the power and confidence that belongs rightfully to us. I am not saying we need to be selfish in our beauty, no, no, I am saying that it is important for us to unveil our beauty in ways that amplify our beauty not mar it. You see,


The world doesn’t need what women have (clothing, makeup, etc.), it needs what women are (naturally beautiful, loving, and strong).

So reclaim the power of your God given beauty, because beautiful girl, you are oh so beautiful. Use your beauty to love others. Use your clothing to display your beauty in a way that amplifies your beauty, not distract from it. Revealing true beauty on a large scale in our broken society through multitudes of women dressing modestly would shake our society to the core and break its brokenness. A beauty revolution based on love and the power of modesty.

Dream big! Live courageously! And Thrive!




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