Fashion Humility-7 Items for 30 Days

This is it. The thing that literally kept me up this week. I just couldn’t stop thinking about which 7 items of clothing in my closet can I live in for the rest of the month! Yes, 7 articles of clothing.

You see one of my role models the fabulous Lead Darrow started a challenge for the month of September in which you only wear 7 main pieces of clothing for an entire month. The purpose being to simplify and to face the fashionable fear of *gasp* repeating an outfit! What will people think of me? That question right there gets down to the heart of #TheClosetChallenge the point being that we care WAY too much about others opinions of us and put a lot of weight in our clothing choices. While this sort of care about appearing in a presentable way is not always bad, it can be distracting. Ultimately the pressure to look a certain way can become a tool the devil uses to get women to belittle themselves and I will not stand for that.

The Closet Challenge Motto is: “Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be and becoming that person” – St. Therese of Lisieux

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy putting together a variety of fashionable combinations, experimenting with trends, while remaining modest, functional, comfortable and of course CUTE! And so this “fashion fast” is a sacrifice and a challenge.

Luckily, I am not going at it alone. My sister and I, along with some friends, are taking this 7 piece challenge together and we tweaked the rules to make it work for our current situation. The original “rules” were as follows:

7 Main articles of clothing plus:



Tank tops (to go under shirts for coverage/modesty)


Accessories (jewelry, scarves)


Bathing suit


Gym clothes (worn at the gym only, not to be a daily outfit)

(Courtesy of Lead’s website, link below)

My sister and I decided that based on our circumstances we get 2 cardigans as accessories in addition to these rules. And so here are my 7 items:


I think I am going through a coral phase….

I strategically chose 2 pairs of skinny jeans, one normal, one colored, because they are comfortable, chic, and versatile. I also selected a black maxi skirt and one dress for those days when I hate pants (those days are real). And I selected a plain blue t-shirt, a flowy coral shirt, and my absolute favorite go-to staple: the chambray shirt. All of these were selected because I feel confident in them (minus the t-shirt, but that’s another story) and because they all can be layered together and put with a variety of accessories and shoes. Plus they meet the standards for school and work.

I like this challenge because it forces my creativity with accessories and layered options. Plus, it is a great exercise in humility by caring less of what people think of my outfits. And sweet simplicity 🙂

If you are interested in joining me on this fashion adventure check out Lead Darrow’s Facebook page for more info or click the link to her website below:

I will be attempting to Instagram my outfits daily to keep everyone posted on my progress. We’ll see if I can actually do it.

Stay fashionable my friends! And like always, remember to:

Dream Big. Live Courageously. And Thrive!



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