#TheClosetChallenge: Week 1 Oufits


Well, I made it through week one of #TheClosetChallenge and I used every one of my seven items, plus  I reinvented some accessories and their purposes. But the week had it challenges and each challenge was not one I was expecting. Firstly, I have been sick for a solid week now and I am not the type of girl who EVER wears sweats outside of the house, but boy oh boy was I tempted! Especially by Friday, I was so sick I just wanted to curl up in a ball. But, I went on and stayed strong. The second challenge I faced was staying true to the challenge, when it is so easy to justify or make excuses as to why “I really should wear that other shirt with those pants! Can’t you just see how cute that would be?”

But I knew that my sister was doing this challenge too and if for no other reason, I wanted to stay true to my word for her. This might just be a simple clothing fast, a personal test for my own fashion humility, but I don’t ever want to let my sister down.

And so, here were my outfits for the week 🙂



Simple skinny jeans with cardigan and top and lots of sparkly jewelry.



Dress. Fringe Vest. Jerusalem Cruiser shoes. Check!



Maxi Skirt. Flowy Shirt. Blue Beaded Bracelet. Turquoise Earrings and matching Hair bow 🙂



Feeling Retro! Denim on Denim with coordinating red belt and shoes. Polka dotted headband and classy pearls.



Colored Skinnies. Plain T-shirt. Scarf for a vest. Bling Heck Yes.



Strike a Pose. Skinnies. Chambray. T-shirt. Purple Vans. Colorful Scarf. Mountain Adventure.

Best day of the week, hands down.

Well, that is week one! I am excited to keep documenting this fashion journey.  A big thank you to my fabulous photographers, you make me smile! Which is good because you are taking pictures of me….

Until next week:

Dream Big. Live Courageously. Thrive!

xo Lo


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