Jump for Joy! #TheClosetChallenge Week 2


Jump for Joy! Fall is on its way! I cannot believe September is more than halfway over! And so, week 2 of #TheClosetChallenge has come to an end. This week was fun to try more new combinations from the 7 pieces and different accessories. I am so glad it is scarf season again!

Also, I decided this week that one goal of mine for this challenge is to not repeat an outfit during the school week. weekends are meant for repeating because I see different people 🙂 That means I will have created 18 outfits from these 7 pieces of clothing by the time this challenge is done. Yikes! I was feeling so inspired last week to do this, and now today, Sunday, my outfit planning day (#fashionnerd) I am feeling at a loss! I guess it is time to mix and match like Barbie!


(P.S. I actually own this book from my childhood! I guess outfit creation is just in my blood.)

Enough about what is to come. Lets take a look at this past week. In addition to having fun making new outfits, my fabulous roommate/photographer suggested we do jumping photos! High School Musical Style. Heck Yes. And so, outfit permitting, we had a blast trying to capture that perfect jump shot! Lots of blurry laughter ensued, especially when I had another friend as a guest photographer. Some of those photos are too funny* to share on the internet! And the first 2 outfits were not conducive to jumping. But the rest are just classic.

*Too embarrassing 🙂

Here is week 2!



Skinny Jeans. Peach Shirt. Gold necklace and Earnings. Sparkly Toms.



Belted Chambray Shirt. Statement Necklace and Earrings.Black Maxi Skirt. Braided Top Knot.


20150916_161947 20150916_162012

Orange Dress. Black Cardigan. Animal Print Scarf. Black Hair Bow. Sparkly Toms. Epic Jump.



Peach Pants. Blue T-Shirt. Blue Cardigan. Scarf*. Sparkly Toms.

*Totally going to repeat this one! I turned a regular scarf into an infinity scarf by tying 2 corners together.



Chambray Shirt. Skinny Jeans. Purple Vans. Colorful Scarf.

And now some classic scarf bloopers!


So. Much. Laughter. #Fail


20150920_091959 20150920_092126

Peach Shirt. Skinny Jeans. Fringe Vest over Black Cardigan. Silver accessories. Black Heel Booties.

I am very accident prone, lets say, and so jumping up and down in heels would not have ended well. Thus the “Hoorah!” pose.

 Until next week:

Dream Big. Live Courageously. Thrive!

xo Lo


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