7 Piece Challenge: Done!


7 Pieces, 24 days, 18 original outfits. That’s the 7 piece challenge for me by the numbers. In all, I am very glad I went through with the challenge. It taught me to be even more creative in my styling, especially when it came to accessories. I definitely gained some fashion humility in having to wear the same things every week. I do have to wonder if people noticed, or if they will notice now that I am wearing different things. Or it might just come down to that they don’t notice me, and that’s ok too. I think the experience will come in handy the next time I am packing for a trip and someday when I have teenage daughters of my own complaining to me that they “have nothing to wear!!”, well lets just say it will be a mother-daughter teaching moment. I can see them rolling their eyes now 🙂

It is funny though, I thought that maybe I would decide that I don’t need so much clothing and that I would clean out my closet by the end of the month, but honestly, I still love being fashionably creative with a full closet! Since October 1st I have been relishing being able to wear different clothing! (My roommates can vouch for this!) Perhaps the greatest lesson from this challenge is that even when there is no grand outcome, the experience is worth it. The journey was more important than the peak, if you will. (What lesson in life is complete without a cliche?)

And so I present to you the final full week of the 7 piece challenge, plus the final 3 days of the last week of the challenge. My wonderful photographer wanted to have some fun with photo shop and layering photos. We are clearly not paid professionals, but its pretty cute I think!

Lauren 7 Day Challenge_edited-1

Lauren 7 Day Challenge Silly

Forgive the missing ankles and arm 🙂 It was fun!

20150930_152703 20150929_110045


Funny story. The last Monday of the challenge (the orange pants picture) I went the entire day (9am-9pm, it was a long day) wearing the wrong pants. I wore the denim skinny jeans instead of the orange ones as I had intended. I don’t know how a 20 year old woman goes the entire day wearing the wrong pants and not realizing it, oh wait I do know! Only a fashion nerd like me would know that they were the wrong pants. Learning to laugh at myself every. single. day!

Now that the challenge is over, I hope to continue this fashionably friendly weekly blog post of my modest fashion creations, but I also hope to begin writing once more about other issues. There is so much to talk about!

Well, until next time my friends, stay fashionable! And as always

Dream Big! Live Courageously! And Thrive.

Xo Lo


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