Norway Looks Good on Me

Nine pages of pictures and writing later and I am thinking to myself: there has got to be a better way to tell everyone about my enchanting weekend in Oslo without boring them to tears or expecting them to read pages. So here we go: my weekend in Oslo in about 500 words.

20160220_093921Crazy snowy drive from Sweden to Norway! Felt like driving in the Rocky Mountains even more so when we stopped for coffee and stepped out into the cold air!

Colorful houses and a graffiti filled town with tiny streets, and we drove through so many tunnels under the city.

Walking around the city, even in the snowy rain, was quite enjoyable! We bundled ourselves up as best we could and made our way to the city center of Oslo, first stopping by the Oslo Opera house. The sleek design made for some slippery footsteps! But inside was a spiral, wooden masterpiece and we could hear a gentleman giving an operatic performance. The music nerd inside me was tickled pink to hear opera singing at such a well-known opera house.

A little ways further and we found ourselves at the parliament building looking down the busy city center street. We were taking in the view of the bustling Main Street / mall area when we realized that big yellow building with the flag of Norway on it, was in fact the royal palace! As far as palace architecture goes, it is not all that impressive, but a palace none the less!

Up next the Oslo food hall Mathallen! Hello Good Pie! Can you say yum! The best part was our quiet corner of the Noodles restaurant with colorful strand lights and a warm friendly atmosphere.

What would a girl’s weekend be without a pj movie night? Complete with the best mini pies I have ever tasted. Mmmmm Yum.

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Sunday morning pancake breakfast (#pancakequeen right here!) enjoying our quaint Airbnb apartment and coffee.

20160221_103211.jpgWe then made our way back through Oslo to find St. Olav’s Cathedral. The stain glass windows, the high arching ceilings, the sun light coming in… yes it was good to be “home” at church.

A walk through the quiet city to the old fortress at the fjord. Beautiful clouds reflecting on the icy water made for some picturesque pictures.

Up the snowy, switchback highway to Holmenkollen we went! The sight of this ski jump tower is something else. It’s so steep! We all asked each other: “would you do that? Would you even sled down that hill?”

We stopped to slide down this ice sculpture hill (I screamed the whole way).FB_IMG_1456089883522.jpg And then made our way up the steps to the gift shop and museum of the ski jump, purchased hats, and tickets to go all the way to the tippy top of the jump!

Now if you know me, you know I hate elevators and am not that fond of heights… somehow both of which I forgot until we were next in line to get into the elevator. None the less we rode to the top and took in the view.

Yes I think this view stole a part of my heart. The view of the snowy mountains to the north with snow clouds made me “crave adventure in that great wide somewhere!” (Beauty and the Beast anyone) There is so much more to Norway and I think I want to see it! A frosty fjord anyone?

Ok so it was 573 words, but there is so much to tell!

Lauren’s fun facts from Oslo:

  • Tesla seems to be the car of choice in Oslo
  • Norway is not gluten free friendly :p
  • Norwegians are much friendlier than the Swedes from what I can tell!
  •  So much graffiti!
  • Norwegian waffles are offered basically everywhere
  • There is definitely a romantic, upscale part of Oslo (Marc by Marc Jacobs!) that needs to someday be explored
  • Norwegian style is not so boxy and black and white like it is here in Sweden

Until next time Oslo!

Dream Big! Live Courageously! And Thrive

Xo Lo


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