From College to Corporate: The Wardrobe Fairy Godmother

From college to corporate there can be a bit of a fashion gap. During my 3 going on 4 years of pursuing a degree at Colorado Mesa University I have heard two extremes when it comes to fashion rationale:

  1. Better to start dressing well in college to learn and get in the habit of dressing to impress and be professional now
  2. These are the last 4 years in which I can wear yoga pants and gym clothes all day long

Both are fairly valid arguments; but #1 resonates more with me. I want to walk into my business class dressed in a way that respects those around me, especially my professor who has taken a step back from the corporate world to prepare me for it.

Dressing for corporate life here at Epsilon was no struggle for me, I was ready to dress up all day, every day…I just needed to buy some shoes.  But before I tell you about my fashion Bibidi-Bobidi-Boo, I should tell you what my internship actually is all about.

This summer I have the privilege of working for Epsilon, a global leader in marketing data solutions. I work specifically for the marketing team here in the Colorado office (1 of 70 offices worldwide) So essentially, I market a marketing firm. #Yes.

My team is wonderful, they include me in interesting projects and help me learn more about this crazy corporate life. I feel a little mind blown from all of the things I am learning about Epsilon, its clients and how the world of marketing works right now.

Okay back to the reason we’re all here: the clothes. If you know me at all, you know I love being creative and putting together unique outfits, trying not to repeat, putting different pieces together, all while being comfortable and modest and now professional. I was mentally preparing for what I thought would be corporate business wear only to find that Colorado business casual is the standard here. That super cute business suit? Not necessary. Jeans and a modern blouse with statement necklace? Yes, just yes.

Dressing well in any job as a sign of respect to those around you. It’s not just about first impressions it’s about lasting impressions. Do you want to be the employee who stands out and is remembered in more than one way? I want to be the employee that is remembered as the hardest worker, the one who knows how to have fun, and the one that they never could figure out how she managed to look that good every day. I’m mostly kidding. Mostly.

To my friends who are classified as future millennial employees, it’s time you start dressing appropriately. And what better way to practice this then my dressing well it’s and modestly at school? I’m not saying that you need to wear a business suit to class, I’m simply suggesting you start dressing modestly and in your own style. Modesty rules are pretty darn close to office appropriate rules. But please don’t lose your individual Style. If your style is boho chic, go ahead and rock that fringe vest. If you like that glam rocker look, rock the metallics and black leather. And if you happen to prefer colorful and classic, well then you can where you are petal pink skirt and peep-toe heels. Or if you’re like me you can rock a mix of it depending on the day of the week. Here are a few of my favorite outfits. Don’t you love how I model garage doors, fences and ferns? #notapaidfashionblogger #thatdoorthough

Bibidi-Bobidi-bam! That is how to dress for your internship. Thank God for fashion fairy godmothers.


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