Healthy and Happy

Eating Healthy Makes You Happy

Today I want to inspire you with a few new food ideas for you! I strongly believe that eating healthy, delicious food makes you much happier. Happy people can do great things and that is what we are called to do! Good food will fuel you to live out your mission like we discussed last week. So here are a few new recipes to try out. Enjoy!

Afternoon snack: Sliced Apples and strawberries. Not so original, but a great snack for at work! Its very filling because of how fiber rich apples are and its plain yummy!

20150224_114513Ingredients: 1 apple, 4-6 strawberries depending on size

Lunch or Dinner: Qunioa Wanton Veggie bowl: Super healthy way to get your veggies and some protein! Its also uber filling, I almost couldn’t finish mine. Great option for lunch or dinner.

Ingredients: 1 portion of steamed veggies of your choice (I used broccoli, carrots, and green beans). 1/4 cooked qunioa. 1.5 servings (6) frozen wantons.


I simply chopped and steamed green beans, broccoli and carrots on Sunday night so I could use them for different meals throughout the week. Then I followed the cooking directions for the quinoa and the wantons on the back of each bag. Then mixed the veggies and wantons in a pan with some soy sauce and heated everything up. Lastly, I mixed the veggies, wantons, and qunioa together in a bowl. And ta-da! You have a wonderfully healthy, tasty meal.

Both the qunioa and the frozen wantons are available at Costco:


Frozen Blueberry Treat: This is my personal favorite and I have Pinterest to thank for it. I gave up ALL sweets for Lent this year, I wanted to have a true sacrifice and I found one! But, I still am hungry later in the evenings and need something to snack on, and that’s where this recipe comes in! You simply cover blueberries in Greek yogurt and freeze them. So simple! Here is what my process looked like:

Ingredients: 1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt (you could use whatever flavor Greek yogurt you like). 1.5 cups blueberries. You will need 2 toothpicks for the coating process.

Step 1: Coat the blueberries using a toothpick to dip them into your Greek yogurt.


Step 2: Lay blueberries on a cooking sheet covered in foil so they don’t stick to the pan while they freeze. You can use the second toothpick to pry the blueberry off of the first toothpick so you don’t smoosh the berry.


Step 3: Freeze the coated blueberries for at least 2 hours. I let mine sit overnight and it worked perfectly.

Step 4: Enjoy! The blueberries should come off the foil very easily so you can put them right into a Tupperware container. Store them in the freezer as they thaw very quickly!


So there you have it! 3 new recipes for you to try and enjoy! Sound off in the comments if you try any or  a variation of one of the recipes! I’d love to see what you try!

Don’t forget to share with your friends 🙂 Sharing is caring.

Dream big! Live courageously! And Thrive!




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